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Our Documentary Division is responsible for producing informational and relatable films on important social issues facing our society. Jacqui Blue is a strong visionary with a lot of passion and uses documentary filmmaking as a form of activism to bring awareness to as many people as she's able to reach through this medium. 

Need stock footage for your documentary? Check out our growing catalog of still images, and b-roll footage available exclusively here! Or hire us to come out and shoot interviews for your documentary film.

We are currently in development of our next three documentary film projects, which will begin production in early 2019. 

Our first feature length documentary film, Beautiful Births, has been viewed by thousands of people in 30 different countries and has been well received by its audiences. Beautiful Births opened the  CHOICE! Film Festival in Ottawa, Canada in February 2015 and has been highly acclaimed by the natural birth and midwifery communities around the world. 

Watch the trailer for Beautiful Births and visit the official website for more details: 

Our second feature documentary is a groundbreaking awareness film about suicide, called I Chose Life: Stories of Suicide & Survival in which Jacqui Blue tackles the subject of suicide from all angles with the help of Jared Padalecki, T.O.N.E-z, Kevin Briggs, the stars of The Last Train and others. 

Watch the trailer and visit the website to join our mailing list and stay up to date on the project's latest news including upcoming screenings and eventual release.

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