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High quality sound is one of the most important elements in many media and multimedia projects. We are setup to bring a mobile recording studio to you. Don't shell out the costs of renting out expensive hourly recording studios to record your voiceover and still get that crisp, clean studio recording quality by having us come to you. 

If you require voiceover talent for your project, we can provide the talent if you do not have anyone, however most people prefer to record it themselves in that case. We will work with you whatever the case may be. 

Let us help you with your  audio books, documentary, corporate project needs, MP3s, narrative films, podcasts, and voiceover demo reels. 

Our voiceover work can also be edited, EQ'd, mixed down and customized to your desires, with or without customized music, in post production.  


Contact Joey for specifics about your project and get a price quote. 

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