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Starseed Pictures is a production company born out passion, after the completion of Beautiful Births, in the Summer of 2014. Officially founded by CEO and owner, Jacqui Blue







Beautiful Births was well received by its audiences worldwide, having been viewed in 30 countries. Starseed Pictures in association with Studio 4 Films (now defunct) produced the short raunchy comedy, Burden of ProofAfter that, Jacqui worked on the feature film, The Last Train, which inspired our second feature documentary, I Chose Life: Stories of Suicide & Survival (first independently released in May 2020). In the Summer of 2016 the short film Love & Other Lies was completed and January 2018 it was released on our website.  In 2022-2023 Jacqui worked alongside Melissa Saint-Hilaire as an Associate Producer and additional camera person on the web series, Secrets of the Craft.  Jacqui and Melissa are now teaming up again, and in pre-production with a new documentary project addresing all forms of abuse - domestic violence, narcisstic abuse, childhood abuse, etc - and the long lasting effects on survivors and families of victims.

Beautiful Births, Jacqui Blue

CEO/Owner, Independent Filmmaker:

Director, Writer, Editor, Producer 

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