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Starseed pictures

Beautiful Births

From the YouTube sensation comes  the internationally acclaimed feature length informational documentary  produced by Starseed Pictures and directed by Jacqui Blue. 


Beautiful Births invites you to explore another side of pregnancy and childbirth which is not often shown in the mainstream media.  The stories are real and raw. The information is accurate and current. Watch for yourself and find out why women all over the world are calling this a "must see" film for women and their partners.


Starseed Pictures

Burden of Proof

At a costume party, a young woman must prove her soon to be step-dads infidelities by catching him with his pants down.


Starseed Pictures in association with Studio 4 Films helped produce the short raunchy comedy that came out of a Master Class instructed by James Franco at his Los Angeles school for artists, Studio 4.  


Winter 2015 James Franco and Maker Studios released the docu-series of this Sex Scenes Master Class where you can watch the evolution of how these films took shape and evolved into what they became.


*UPDATE: In 2018 the Sex Scenes Master Class videos disappeared from the internet amid allegations against Franco by former students. 

Starseed Pictures

I Chose Life

Feature documentary film on suicide awareness featuring real life stories as told from suicide survivors and those left behind from a completed suicide. Features Jared Padalecki, T.O.N.E.-z & Kevin Briggs.


This is a very powerful and important film that needs to be seen and open the discussion that needs to be had. This is a film for anyone who has lost someone to suicide or who has ever been suicidal. 

Starseed Pictures

Love & Other Lies

When his wife notices he's distracted at dinner, she wants to know what's wrong but when Jerry confesses he's been having an affair and is in love with someone else, Laura doesn't like what she hears.


Written & Directed by Jacqui Blue

Produced by Jacqui Blue and Magali Widmer

Cinemtography by Magali Widmer


Staring Jeff Vernon, Jacqueline Bustamante and Michelle Arthur. 

Released on our website, available HERE!


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